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Champlain Divers Home Page

Who, what, and where is Champlain Divers?

It's About The Lake
Champlain Divers (CD) is a community centered around the thrills, chills, and love of diving Lake Champlain. We all know Lake Champlain is a "great" lake in many senses of the word. Our beautiful and wondrous lake is filled deep with American history, exciting recreational opportunities, and perhaps even an elusive monster.

It's About The Sport
We believe diving is a special sport and divers are special people.

It's About Making A Contribution
Champlaindivers.com is a way for divers to communicate. It's a way for us to share our information, skills, and and experiences in a manner that makes our Lake Champlain adventures safer and and more fulfilling for everyone. It's about participation. Use this medium to gather information, ask questions, and add your knowledge and thoughtful comments.

Speaking of contributions...A portion of the proceeds from all items sold via champlaindivers.com will be used to promote the history of our lake and to encourage environmentally friendly practices. Suggestions on how this can be accomplished can be sent to: divers@champlaindivers.com

It's About You
Please make this site your own. Send CD your photos, product reviews, ideas for improving this site, and anything else you feel the Lake Champlain diving community needs to know about.

Link To Champlain Divers
Feel free to place these images on your site and link to Champlain Divers.