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Divers For Hire

Pierre LaRocque
Pierre is an Air Force veteran and a world-class diver with world-class experience to back it up. He has been diving around the globe for 20 years and is currently teaching classes of all levels at Waterfront Diving Center and UVM. Pierre is the diver of choice for the Lake Champlain Yacht Club (LCYC) and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

In fact, Pierre along with Art Cohn have a long history of discovering American history in Lake Champlain. Together they discovered Benidict Arnold's lost gunboat and spent several weeks mapping the underwater remains of the Battle of Plattsburg.

During the summer of 2001 Pierre spent a month in the Azores off the coast of Portugal working on an underwater archeology project for the Portuguese government.

At home on Lake Champlain or in International waters, Pierre is the diver of choice for recreational boaters, museums, US Forces and foreign governments.

Qualifications and Specialties
Tri-mix deep diving
Ice diving
Salvage operations
Underwater mapping and archeology
Underwater photography and video
Fully insured

Art Cohn, Director - Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Jonathon Eddy, Owner - Waterfront Diving Center
Steve Landau, Harbor Master - Lake Champlain Yacht Club

Contact Pierre
Email: pierre@champlaindivers.com
Mobile: 802-233-1479

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